50 Miles/8k calories in Toronto, Nikki Kimball and some Proactive Medical Attention

Reminder all, we have our great send-off event on November 17th, here in Wilmette, which is going to be a blast.   There will be Karaoke, a DJ and many other surprises…. Grab your tickets here.

Bill on Saturday, October 28 running the hill at Highland Park Beach!

I put in 50 miles this weekend and tested two more pairs of shoes and absolutely feel great.

I will be headed to the NorthEast on Friday to participate in a 1/2 marathon in Connecticut and the New York Marathon.

We are on the verge of some exciting announcements, so stay tuned!

I had the great honor of talking with Nikki Kimball on Friday.  Nikki, was introduced through a mutual friend, and for those who don’t know, besides being an incredibly nice and kindred spirit, does a tremendous amount of charity work to help those battling depression, oh, and may have won more ultra races than you can count.  She provided me with a lot of great advice and I have a feeling we might be able to do some great things together with these charity groups, down the road.  Check out this documentary on Nikki if you can:  Finding Traction

Thank to Northwestern Medicine, I will have access to a great doctor,  George Chiampas has agreed to be on call throughout the expedition.  This will help ensure that whatever medical issues arise, I will be able to address them immediately, which will be critical to my overall success.  Here are a few of his credentials, it’s hard to imagine a better fit:

Chief Medical Officer: United States Soccer Federation, Medical Director: Bank of America, Chicago Marathon & Shamrock Shuffle, Team Physician: Chicago Blackhawks, EMS Medical Liaison: Chicago Police Department, Member: FIFA Medical Committee

They have also provided me access to a great nutritionist/dietician Sabrina Sitkoski, Assistant Director and Clinical Nutrition Manager @ Ability Lab.   Managing my nutrition throughout this adventure will be critical in how I sustain and recover throughout.  Northwestern Medical and my doctor Tanya Simuni have been great partners in this project.

Finally, I jogged/walked the Toronto Marathon last Sunday, with Sue Thompson’s team and had a great time.  I was able to meet her family and friends, and just wish I could have stayed longer, what an incredible group of people.  I reduced my Chicago time by 19 minutes and felt good overall.  Sue is a  great person, doing great things as she lives with Parkinson’s, I hope to continue to work with Sue to find a cure.







And….what a great food town,  from my 7 course lunch at Richmond Station, to inspiring Dinner at Pukka, and 20 minute refill after the race…

Richmond Station












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