66 + 70 = The Gateway to the West

August 26, 2017 – St. Louis

What an incredible day today, I started with a training walk down route 66, to the Arch, completing about 14 miles.  What better metaphor for my upcoming journey than that??  Then met my good friend Mani and did my first walking interview (click here to hear the interview), before we headed to Kalbi taco shack, for some Korean tacos and Vietnamese sandwiches.  Then off to the surprise 70th birthday present for Heidi’s parents, a balloon ride, which we chased and with the help of gps, eventually found them in a field.  See pictures below for more, taking the redeye back tomorrow to do another training walk and get caught up on work.

Also, this week I should be getting my training plan and should have some new announcements.

Gateway to the West…

I walked Route 66 to the arch

So Good to See Mani

Mani and I before running with bulls







Perfect Fuel for the Walk the next day..froze some and will take it back..

Banh Mi and Korean Taco












Surprise to Mr. and Mrs. B for their 70th birthdays

Here they are, happy 70th to these two!
















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