Highway Walking – 101 – Inside Look Into a Typical Day/Night Trek

As promised, wanted to share a few moments from a typical mountain highway walk, this one leading into SanDiego county, to give you a perspective on how difficult and slow these treks can be.  I want to make it clear that I wear highly reflective gear at night and a headlamp for safety.  This is typical of what we would be walking in regularly……Click on the image below for the video…

Hands, Reachin’ Out…Tucson, AZ Weekend Update!

  Wow!  It has been quite an amazing last few days for Bill in Arizona, sprinkled with numerous visitors from around the country.  To start, two remarkable guys from Oracle, AZ, Jessee Walker and Jeremiah Pate, tracked Bill down and met up with him just outside of Tucson, AZ.  Jeremiah is currently studying bio medical engineering at the University of Arizona and is working in a laboratory to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease.  Jeremiah has created an algorithm and computer program to research an experiment with gene therapy treatments […]

From Sea to Shining Sea…help us celebrate Bill’s LAST MILE!

  On Wednesday, January 31st (less than 2 weeks from today!), Bill Bucklew will conclude his 2 month long, cross-country journey on Imperial Beach Pier, just south of downtown San Diego, CA.  Bill would love for as many people as possible to join him for the very last mile of his journey. We will meet at 11am and depart at 1130am from Veteran’s Park, which is adjacent to the Imperial Beach, CA library.  We will walk together down Imperial Beach Boulevard to the very end of the Imperial Beach Pier […]

The Land of Enchantment…

From breathtaking sunsets and terrain that covers stunning mountains, dunes and desserts, New Mexico surely has not disappointed.  The kind folks of Ruisodo (a charming town set high in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico) interviewed Bill earlier this week.  Approaching 1,900 miles, Bill is now headed towards La Cruces, New Mexico.  Stay tuned for more exciting New Mexico adventures to come!  

The Countdown is Here…4 Days to the New Year!

Bill is halfway (1,276 miles) to San Diego, CA! Join Bill LIVE on Facebook tonight between 7-8pm CST to learn about his “Halfway There Highlights” – like how many gallons of water, energy drinks and bars he consumes a day, how many pairs of shoes he’s worn through already, how long it takes to prepare his feet before he embarks on each daily journey, and how many cows and wild dogs he’s encountered so far along the way. We’d also like to make a small plea for support. If you […]

Louisiana Tech University & The Rock Steady Boxers!

  Bill had an amazing opportunity today to walk the Louisiana Tech campus with the president of the University, Les Guice, nursing faculty and students, as well as the LATech Rock Steady boxers and coaches.  The Rock Steady Boxing program was brought to the Louisiana Tech campus 2 years ago to support the Rock Steady “Warriors of Parkinson’s Disease” in North Louisiana and South Arkansas.  A special shout out goes to Dr. Tara Haskins, Division of Nursing, for all of her work and coordination to set up this very special […]

What a Difference a Day Makes!

The Bridge…. 12/11/17 -Vicksburg @6:30 PM I arrived at the old 80 bridge (Over the Mississippi) and it was closed to any pedestrian foot traffic.    The security guard had been briefed that we might be coming as we had made inquiries a few days before, but never heard back. He noted that the “commissioner” would be in by 8 AM tomorrow, if we wanted to try and see if he would open the bridge for us (Which he said has never happened before to his knowledge).   They do open […]

Early Start for Inspiration

Monday Morning – 8 AM – 12/11/2017 – Bolton Mississippi The woman with the hat and gown was walking toward me on the street, in 32 degree temps.  She met me and explained thst she had seen me on tv and was inspired to meet and walk with me.  She had just recently had a full mastectomy snd was carrying all manner of medical connections. Her Mother had driven her to the end of the drive on her property and she explained that she was inspired by our story and […]