Friends and Family Event Takes Fundraising Total to near $8k, but We Still Need Your Help!

We had a great friends and family event at the SS yacht club last Sunday and by all measures, it was a great success.  It was great seeing many of you and catching up and on behalf of the Board, we thank you for all of your support!    

Together we have raised almost $8,000 

UnCorked Adventures Board – Showing off the New Limited Addition T-Shirts (Click image or here to purchase one)

Many of you generously asked how you can get involved. 

Here are the most critical needs at this time, your support can make this effort a reality and together we can find a cure for Parkinsons disease :

  1. We currently are in need of volunteers to drive the support car and be with Bill on the walk, for the following days (Click here for the route information):
    1. November 24th – 29th
    2. December 2 – 5th
    3. December 10-24th
  2. Also, we are currently seeking sponsorships for the following:
    1. Hotel Sponsorship for us to stay at along the route
      1. If you know anyone in the industry that might have a connection to a hotel chain or otherwise be able to help.
    2. Car Sponsorship
      1. Any connection in the Automotive industry including rental cars, RV’s Air-Stream, etc
    3. Clothing and Shoe Sponsorship
      1. Any connection with a shoe, apparel or outdoor company
  3. Connection to people affected by the disease
    1. If you know someone in the Chicagoland area that either has Parkinson’s or has been affected by the disease and is willing to share their story,
    2. Same as the above, but along or near the route which can be accessed by clicking here: Bills Route
  4. Donations
    1. Of course, the over-riding objective is to find a cure and your donation goes directly to research,  our primary partner for this event is the Michael J Fox Foundation via Team Fox).  
      1. 100% of Team Fox donations go to research as an anonymous donor covers all of the operating expenses.
  5. Limited addition (100 total) “Walking Tour” t-shirts are in, they are great athletic shirts, just $25, see below

Buy a Limited Addition (100 total) t-shirt and if you live close, Bill will personally deliver it., click here to Purchase , just add $25 to your donations note.

Please reach out to us with any questions you have and thank you for your ongoing support, its greatly appreciated.

We’ll see you out there on the road, 

Bill, Heidi, Kristy, Steve, Steel and Randy

Here’s a few pictures from the event:







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