I want to wake up (on time) in the city that never sleeps….

What a amazing weekend in New York with my Team Fox Peeps!

I started off with the 6 AM flight where I ran into Alfonso Ribeiro from AFHV (His suit case actually had the monogram) in the security line, and then made it into midtown by like 9:40 AM and the weather was  beautiful.  I stopped by Team Fox’s new office, after successfully checking in, to say hi and speak with Brittany (MJFF DC Office) about an opportunity to speak to some members of congress about funding for early stage medical research, the next week.

The patient council meetings were going on and I was able to meet in person, some of the great people who are helping me to organize the states (Like Bill Wilkins and Israel Robledo), for my documentary.  All really wonderful people.

In between meetings, I might have been seen at Vezzo’s eating lunch, working for a bit and then at Grace street with a green tea patbingsu, of course!

Then met up with Jimmy Choi, where he shared Additional detaIls about a half marathon he signed up for (And encouraged me to do as well) , which he recently discovered was quite a bit further away from Manhatten than he originally thought and after reviewing the timing and distances, would necessitate abandoning our hotel for the comfort of Team Fox Superstar Chris Tracey’s house in Connecticut.

So, we ran to the train, only to find Team Fox’s very own Seth there to inform us that there was no need to run, the later train was an express, ugh!

Having Pho, Ramen and ice cream made sur place via liquid nitrogen with Seth, Chris and Jimmy in Connecticut, we crashed at Chris’ and headed out at 6 AM to run/walk the Hebron 1/2 Marathon.

Jimmy and I are talking when we realize we are entering Massachusetts, hmmm…..that is strange, the Race isn’t in Mass, its in Hebron CT, what gives?  Oh, thats right, we missed our turn, 45 miles ago.  So….without laying blame here (Can you believe Jimmy entered the proper school name but the wrong state into the GPS ?  :-))  We hooked a U-Turn in Springfield Mass, and put the Pedal down as we were now at risk of missing the race.

Arriving at the start (it’s a point to point race people) abut 13 minutes before the start, We jostled in to get our race packets and shirts.  We made the start and met some incredible women who were running together along the course, and with incredible stories on both sides, it made the 3 hours pass by quickly, andpicked up some fundrais

ing friends that I hope to get to know further, we all powered through to the finish where we were greeted to home made chili and hot dogs at the finish.

We did it, but now we need to grab a bite to eat with Chris and his wonderful family, and still make it back to Manhattan to the Team Fox Dinner for the NY marathon….sound relaxing?

The dinner was great as always and for me it feels like having a family in NY, which is great.  Michael gave a great speech and hung out for a bit.

Then it was off to a Japanese Gastro Pub, for a second dinner with some other Team Fox friends.

Now…..somehow it was determined that if I could make it to mile 23 by 2:30, then “they” were going to buy and present a pizza to me on the course.   The details here are important, as when I actually made it to mile 23 and realized no one was there and that I actually had to run another 1/2 mile or so to make it to Michael’s house, up hill,…..this pushed me to the limit.


But Jimmy came through and met me at 23.2 with the pizza and we had a lot of fun with it.

I finished the race almost 40 minutes faster than my goal, which had me really tired as I hadn’t trained to run it.

I stopped by the TeamFox after party for an hour but then had to head back to my hotel and clean up and change, to catch my 8:30 PM flight home, which I did.

Oh, and look what I found, the evidence…..do you all agree 23 miles was the bet, click on either race photo and you decide?

Only two weeks until the Adventure of a Lifetime!!







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