Planes, trains and autobahns – Land of Saarbrücken Plans

For work, I needed to go to Europe on 9/7 to attend a few days of Maison-Objet, the home design show in Paris, check in on the production readiness of a new line of products and meet our leadership team in our German office.  I also review food trends at restaurants, which can put me in some high caloric situations.

It was difficult to get in the miles I needed due to the traveling, work obligations, etc.   But, the good part is that we did a lot of walking in general, at the show, so I was still able to average around 9 miles a day, but still short of my overall target set for me, for the week.

Here are a few of the food examples:


Fera@ Ellsworth

Morbier and Comte from Burgundy

Degustation Menu – Paris

Escargot – Burgundy








I was able to sneak a few longer walks of the 5-9 mile range, which afforded me the opportunity to see a lot, a few examples below:

Paris – ~8miles

Out in the fields – Burgundy ~7 miles

Frankfurt ~7.5 miles










Also, I was a bit under the weather for a few days and a labor strike made things even more interesting.

All told, I put in about 80 miles for the week, which isn’t bad.  I returned the evening of Friday, 9/15 and prepared for my biggest training walk yet and our first event for,  Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Overall a good trip…

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