Put Some South in Your Mouth – 17 Hours In Louisville

Quick trip, arrived at 11:30 PM Wed. on a 5:55 PM Thursday return, visiting with the largest appliance manufacturer in the world, fun stuff.    Unfortunately, not enough time to connect with friends , bop around or get in a decent walk, so what to do?….got in a quick 3 miler and stopped in at Papa Johns headquarters, no free Pizza though…Quick stop at the Butchertown Grocery for an amazing early dinner.  I am behind in my training plan this week,  so no off day on Sunday as originally planned, may have to do back to back 20 milers, ouch, sho’s with me?  Looking to interview some local (to Chicago) peeps affected by Parkinson’s, any volunteers?

Want to learn more about my upcoming walk  and the plan or even get involved, sign up for the Lunch party at the SS Yacht club, on September 17th, to learn more, the response has been great and we only have a few more tickets, so sign up soon.

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See you on the road…..


Pappa John’s HQ


Beautiful Carbs




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